Cancer Research

Beta Glucan primes immune cells to fight cancer

Extensive list of Studies Done on Beta Glucans and Cancer

Geraniin inhibits migration & invasion of human osteosarcoma cancer cells

Antitumor effect in mice of an organic germanium compound

Therapeutic value of Germanium and cancers

Germanium prevents metastasis of lung cancer

Immunostimulant Research

Glucan-immunostimulant study in the World Journal of Clinical Oncology

Germanium induces interferon and activates NK cells and macrophages

Germanium has immunomodulatory & natural killer cell activity boosting effect in dogs

Radiation Protection Research

Radiation Protection Research

Beta 1,3-Glucan Radiation Research

Myelosuppression / Radiation Protection Research

Cholesterol Research

Studies done on Beta-Glucans and Cholesterol

Other Research

Beta-Glucan protects against anthrax infection

Beta-Glucan's effects on Infectious Disease

A comparison of injected and orally administered Beta-Glucans

Avian Flu and Wild Siahga Research Experiment

Avian Flu & Wild Siahga

Wild Siahga Assay on Beta Glucans

Siahga Assay Interpretation