History of Wild Siahga

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History of Wild Siahga

The Wild Siahga mushroom was used traditionally by some Native American tribes.  The story goes that one of their tribal healers discovered that the sick deer would eat this bitter-tasting mushroom and get better.  They started testing it out on their own sick people and discovered its wonderful healing properties.  Even though it had an unpleasant taste, for millennia it became so popular that a small amount was put into their food every day.  Just a couple hundred years ago there were literally hundreds of thousands of Native Americans that were using small doses of the Siahga mushroom every day.
Sadly, over the last couple hundred years, this knowledge was lost.  The Indian Reservations were established, and the Native Americans were forcibly removed from their traditional hunting areas.  Because of that, some of the knowledge about the Sacred Plant Medicines was not passed down to the next generation.  Next came the forced children's education program and the quick modern processed foods.  Those further ensued the loss of knowledge especially about natural healing amongst the Native Americans.
The final blow came back in 1978 when free health care was given to the Native Americans.  Rather than following their traditional roots of gifting payment for services performed by the Medicine Man or Woman, the free modern drugs were seen as a cost-free solution to their health problems.  The Native Americans no longer had to worry about natural medicine and payment for such services because there was now a “free cure” available.
When we became aware of Wild Siahga, we asked the Medicine Man who introduced us to it as to why there was not more information about it.  (Literally, the mushroom books would entirely leave it out or just have a very slight mention about how it was not considered anything to human benefit.)    He said that when he first found out about the Siahga, there was probably only a handful of dedicated Medicine Men and Medicine Women that retained the Siahga mushroom wisdom of their ancestors.
He spoke quite some time about his personal experience of contacting a Medicine Man about his stage four cancer and how he was told to use the Siahga mushroom.  Because of this miracle of nature, he returned to health and became passionate about traditional natural healing.  He became a Naturopathic Doctor and later a Medicine Man.  

I asked him, "I know about the Chaga mushroom's healing benefits.  How does the Siahga compare?"

Laughing he said, "Oh, the Siahga is a thousand times better."  He then shared with me his wonderful knowledge and personal research on the Siahga.  It was then that I became convinced Siahga was the key to the supplement I wanted to create.  
(Note: the Siahga is not literally a thousand times better but it does contain many, many times more of some very important healing components.)  

Permission was eventually granted by the Native American tribes to share the Wild Siahga with the world. 


About the Author:

Paul 'Man Found Standing', Medicine Man

Raised in a family who always turned to herbal remedies for their health needs, Paul's love for natural remedies began at an early age.  In 1996, he became very involved in the alternative health industry, specifically essential oils. After becoming disheartened by the lack of integrity in the products of the companies he worked for, he spent the next decade creating his own products that focused on superior quality. In 2003, he became a Native American Medicine Man to not only protect his own God given health freedoms, but to also assist others in taking charge of their own health. 

Paul has a great love for sharing wisdom, natural remedies, and assisting others.